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Post 40: By her count, Ilya hadn’t bathed in a little over two weeks.

Writer’s Notes:  Another super, shorty.  And, apparently I really want to take a bath.

Mari crawled back across the bed and its sleeping man, motioning for the tiny woman to follow. Ilya watched her push at a hidden seam in the wall, and a narrow section gave before springing out. Behind it followed a basic, rectangular tub shrouded by opaque, plastic curtains that seemed to be self-illuminating. Steaming, hot water was already pouring in from cleverly hidden gaps along the sides.

“Stay en ghere as long as jyou want, but… ahh…” Mari glanced back at the naked man still sitting in the chair, “I would suggest staying en ghere at least an hour.”

Ilya’s eyes bulged.

“I know Sieffre envited jyou ghere and everything, and I know jyou need our ghelp so that’s fineh, but jyou kind of enterrupted something. Look, I’m going to turn on the shower function to mask any noise. See?”

After a moment, Ilya shrugged off the ugly, green fur coat. She took a giant step over the edge of the bathtub to stand in the hot water with her clothes on, staring at Mari woefully with water raining on her head.

Mari grinned. “Thanks.”

The tall woman shut the curtain, and Ilya was alone in her tiny, glowing closet of wetness. She sat down and let the hot water soak through her clothing and into her tired bones. By her count, Ilya hadn’t bathed in a little over two weeks. While trapped on Lukas’ ship, it seemed more important to avoid his attention than to find out how to make a shower appear. She fumbled along the sides of the tub until she found a skina sunk into the porcelain. It reacted to her touch, and changed from a solid white coloring to a translucent, blue glow. She was presented with a series of buttons with words she couldn’t read. Without thinking too much, she started tapping at them. Jets of waters shot against her legs, then her back, then ceased; a pink, murky cloud rolled through the water, then blue, churning into a purple before bubbling up, releasing a flowery aroma. Ilya sighed and let herself sink further into the tub.

She heard a low chuckle from the other side of the curtain and an unmistakable moan. Ilya, in horror, slid herself further down so that only her nose and mouth remained above water. She wondered if she could sleep like this.