New Story: The Many Deaths and Resurrections of Richard

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Main yet-to-be-named-sci-fi-type Old unfinished “Along the Skin of the Universe” story

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Short Stories and Side Projects, ’cause you know, boredom.

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These are just stories.

Let me explain.

Usually when I write, I write and edit, then write and edit, then go back and edit some more, then delete all of that and continue writing without ever really making a lot  of progress or finishing ANYTHING.  Sprinkle long stretches of time where I just stop writing period and as a result, I haven’t shown my stories to many people.  Who wants to read my half finished work? I would think to myself.

Well, my current project looked like it was about to suffer the same fate when I decided to take a different approach.  Instead of hiding it away until that day it was (never) finished, I’d post a few pages every Saturday (cough) Sunday (cough-cough late Sunday) FOR THE WORLD TO SEE (or the few friends who follow the link from my FB page, whatever) .  I’ve already done a lot of work on the universe, overall plot, and back stories, so I don’t think I’ll have to worry about major re-edits… well, if it comes to that, I’ll worry about it then.

My work may not be perfect, but really it was never going to perfect.  Now the pressure of a deadline gives me the excuse to let that go and not worry about trying to make perfection but just something I enjoy.

So what is this story?  Well, it doesn’t have a name, yet.  Suggestions are welcome. Update:  Along the Skin of the Universe. It’s definitely sci-fi.  I guess you could say it grew out of my inability to accept the cancellation of Firefly and the retirement of David Tennant from Doctor Who.  This isn’t fan fiction.  All of my characters and worlds are brand spanking new.  However, I’m not going to deny my influences.  See also Heinlein and Orson Scott Card.



PS- Per a friend’s suggestion, at the top are quick links to each post.  I’ll be sure to keep this updated.


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